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Farm to Table Oysters Direct from the Grower

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We're all about oysters, Aussie-style. Our farm-to-table oyster farm is like a taste of the sea, right at your table. We're all about freshness, sustainability, and the good vibes of coastal living. When you order from us, you're getting oysters that are straight from the Aussie waters, making your meal not just tasty but a true local adventure.

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Freshness Guaranteed

Convenient Delivery

Sustainable Farming

Variety of Sizes

Fresh and Flavorful Oysters for Every Occasion

Our collection of oysters is harvested daily from the crystal clear waters of Port Stephens, ensuring that our customers receive only the freshest, most delicious oysters on the market. 


"I was blown away by the freshness and quality of the oysters from Port Stephens Oysters. They were delivered straight to my door and tasted like they were just harvested from the sea. Highly recommended!"



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